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The world is changing and we need to understand that change if our organizations are to survive. When Christopher Columbus set foot on the beaches of a small island in the Bahamas, nobody was there to welcome him. Today I offer you a hearty welcome to the new world of Social Media.

A New World has come because of the changes this media has only begun to bring about.
Many people don’t yet understand the shift taking place in the world as a result of social media. This shift may be every bit as momentous as the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492 or the invention of the Gutenberg Press in 1439. Just as people in Old World Europe had to get used to the idea of a new set of continents, so must we also understand the New World of Social Media and how it is having an impact on the way we communicate with one another.
Here are five ways Social Media is changing the way we communicate.

  1. Range — Social media enables individuals and groups to reach a global audience. The sources of the information is more decentralized than ever before in history and the nature of finding good information more serendipitous than any form of communication previously known.
  2. Simplicity — In the Old World, media production required specialized training at a high cost. Today’s media is built to be user-friendly. With a modest investment of time and effort, anyone can learn the skills.
  3. Immediacy — In the old world it took a long time to move from conception of an idea to production and then distribution. Today, the process is almost instantaneous.
  4. Flexibility — In the Old World, you couldn’t alter a production, once it had been completed. Today’s media can be adjusted on the fly at any time and instantly by commenting or editing your content.
  5. Availability — In the old world, only those with government authority or a lot of money could engage in a massive campaign to sell a product or idea. Today, power is in the hands of anyone who understands how to use the tools available.

Great opportunities lie before us with the advent of social media.

As a leader, you want your organization to be healthy and successful. You want your stakeholders to be satisfied, your employees to prosper, and your customers to be happy. By understanding and properly estimating the importance of the social media shift, your organization will be better-equipped to reach these noble goals.

We live in an exciting time, a time like no other, when our organizations are presented with an opportunity to learn new patterns never before been imagined, because only today do we have the technology that make them possible.

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