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Wellness is in your hand.

Wellness is in your hand.

Last semester, I did a major project in motivation and emotion where I journaled about changing my habits to improve chronic pain.  While I made some changes, I realized that as time went on and midterms hit, it was harder to prioritize physical exercises over a loaded course schedule, work, and music commitments.

The Important but Not Urgent

This is the reality for many in today’s world.  We are so overloaded that we only take care of the “urgent and important” activities in our life, shoving off the “important but not urgent” aspects until they suddenly becomes urgent.

As my fellow Christian and friend, naturopath Michael Taylor states,

“There is a basic premise that responsible living is to live according to God’s precepts, doing God’s will in God’s timing.  I always see all the things listed [in life] as being an outgrowth of accountability to the LORD in each area or topic.”

We live in a world of imbalance that deviates constantly from God’s will, and that has shown up even in the way our food is grown.  Our society’s impatience and consumerist personality is even exhibited in the numerous growth hormones, pesticides, etc. that is used to increase food production.

My Journey to Wellness

While it is easy to feel burdened by the deviating lifestyles I have exhibited in the last three years as a Bible college student who is trying to overachieve as much as I can before graduation, I realize that healing comes first through the power of receiving Christ’s grace, being repentance, and committing to change.

I have already started this process by cutting out foods that my body does not as readily digest, probably a consequence of the numerous strains of antibiotics I have taken in the last couple years.   I invite you to join me on this journey toward physical wellness, emotional peace, and spiritual rest in Him, who is above all manmade ambition.

Learn more about Michael Taylor’s work here .

If your church doesn’t offer wellness support or if there isn’t a church in your area, worship with us at the Inbound Church. <=Click!