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Following Jesus is not an additional life activity that we can leave in one place and then pick up later. It’s a commitment; a change of life and heart. Your goal should not only be to become more like Jesus as an individual, but to desire growth with the members of your church as a whole.

 Jesus is Our Example

Each member of Jesus’ body moves as the others move. When the church community bonds and grows together, they are strengthened, encouraged, and become more like Jesus. The best way to develop this bond is through service.

Jesus himself informed his followers in Mark 10:45 that he came to serve and give his life in exchange for many. When you and I chose to follow Jesus, we sent ourselves away to let Jesus in.

We repeatedly forget the presence of Jesus in our being, or at least we belittle it for moments of selfishness.

Well, I would propose that the more we go out and serve others in community with other Christians, the more we will welcome Jesus’ desires and set them above our own.


5 Steps to Facilitate Service Opportunities

  1. Form a small group intent on doing continual service projects.

Going somewhere to serve one time doesn’t really tell those you’re serving that you love them. Go back once a week or once a month to show your love for them. For ideas, visit the church management system software, Excellerate<=Click here.

  1. Share your group’s testimony in your main worship service and have monthly updates in the church’s bulletin.

Informing others of your service will spark their desire to serve, too.

  1. Pray in solitude and with your service team for constant renewal of strength and desire to serve.

Continual service on top of other daily commitments makes for weary volunteers. Ask God for help. He will show up.

  1. Love those you serve.

Jesus did not give his life because it was a mandatory task to complete. He wanted to give himself because he couldn’t help it! He has always loved us and served to bring people into his kingdom!

  1. Have a Sabbath day.

Make time once a week to spend doing things that recharge your mind and body. Spend alone time with God, do a fun activity with family or friends–whatever!

Service will lead to growth in the Body of Christ because it’s part of the transformation process.

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