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History Art in Church


















It can be frustrating being a self-defined creative in the modern church. There’s a strange mix of appreciation for your specialties and confusion at your application.

Old Wine in New Wine Skins

The most frustrating phrase (or variation of) that has almost definitely been spoken to the artistic type within the congregation is ‘that’s not really what we do here’. The unfortunate reality exists that many creative types choose to walk in the face of such a climate.

It’s funny how history helps us forget. Many contemporary churches have begun implementing new ideas to the shock and horror of their traditional counterparts.

New Mediums to Worship

Mediums such as stage design, lighting, painting in worship, and more are finding a new home in the church. The problem is that these really aren’t new at all.

The current iterations of these talents may appear new to those familiar with the traditional church but it is only until you start to look back.

For anyone questioning the necessity of a stage designer in today’s church look no further than the ornate beauty of historic cathedrals. Traditionally it was the atmosphere that such design brought that allowed for an immediate sense of reverence for the worshiping masses.

The Millenial and the Church

For anyone confused as to why the millennial is painting during worship, look no further than Google to show the incredible relationship traditional art and church share. To this day the Sistine chapel exists as a representation of the church as well as a beautiful example of art.

Sometimes when we live alongside something for so long we forget it’s really there. Your congregation might not ‘get’ your creative expression, but it can’t tell you it doesn’t fit.