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Receiving Gifts

Receiving Gifts

At the beginning of relationships, like, words of affirmation and quality time, giving gifts comes more naturally. You want to immerse your significant other with tokens of your love.

As time goes, on giving gifts starts to dwindle. They are not consciously withholding presents from their spouse, but they feel as though their love is known, therefore, gifts are not needed as much.

However, for people who receiving gifts is their love language, and how they best accept love from others, this is a huge deal.When they do not receive symbols of their spouses love (gifts) they start to question how they really feel about them.

4 Kinds of Gifts For Your Spouse

1. A Surprise Gift– This could come in the form of anything. The random gesture of giving

your spouse something will let them know you were thinking of them.

2. A Sentimental Gift– An example would be saving all of the ticket stubs from movies you

saw with you spouse. The sentimental gift reveals your thoughtfulness.

3. A Thinking of You Gift– Maybe when you are out and about and see something that

reminds you of your spouse. This reveals they are on your mind even when they are not around.

4. A Letter Gift– A letter written to them expressing your love and appreciation for your spouse reveals a symbol of your love. It is a free

way of giving them a thoughtful present.

God Gave Us a Token of His Love

If you think you are horrible at picking out gifts for someone, do not worry for even God gave us a very special gift when we did not deserve it. For even though we were still sinners God gave us his one and only son, Jesus (John 3:16).

Jesus came down to earth simply to die so that we can be saved. If He were not to die, then we would never be able to spend eternity with God because He is perfect and holy and cannot be in the presence of sin.

Therefore, when Jesus died on the cross He took upon Himself all of our sin, even though He had never sinned (2 Corinthians 5:21). He served as a substitute so we did not have to die, but instead now we have the opportunity to live eternally with our God in heaven (John 1:29).

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