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Alexander Technique Workshop at A Church

Alexander Technique Workshop at a Church

Alexander Technique…What Is It?

I have had some chronic pain in the last 1.5 years from typing and playing piano.  This past summer, I started taking the Alexander Technique, a method to reduce habitual mind and body tension developed by F. M. Alexander, a stage actor who invented it when doctors could not find a physical cure for his hoarseness.  His technique has been adapted and developed all over the world by musicians, surgeons, and even business professionals.  What is noteworthy is that Alexander’s father was a strong evangelical Protestant.  This background seems to have influenced  his teachings.

Scriptural References

Alexander Technique emphasizes a lot about the relationship between the head, neck, and torso.  In order for the head to be lightly balanced, the neck must be relaxed.  When the neck stiffens, this impacts the biological mechanisms between the head and rest of the body, causing tension.  This is implied in several passages:

The Lord said to Moses, “I see this is a stiffnecked people. Now let Me be, that my anger may blaze forth against them and that I may destroy them…” (Exodus, 32: 9, 10). To read more….visit AT instructor Robert Rickover’s post <–Click!

In this passage, the Lord implies that the Israelites are displaying a constant stubbornness to neglect His Will.  Often times, a physical rigidity accompanies our mental stiffness.  I have noticed that when I have neck pain, it often because I am impatiently trying to complete something on the computer, whether an assignment or something else.


God designed our bodies to move in a certain fluid manner moving and living, and we can move with ease when we follow that desire.  Next time you sit down in front of the computer, ask yourself, “Is your neck free?”  My teacher incorporates this into her teachings. Check out out her Art of Freedom blog <–Click!

St. George’s Episcopal church supports musicians in Alexander Technique.

If you cannot find a church, worship with us at Inbound Church. <–Click!