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We are free to be at peace with where we are.

Be at peace with yourself

Invention from Jennifer Roig-Francoli, Alexander Technique Instructor

Last post, we discussed constructive rest from Alexander Technique.  My teacher pioneered something called “Freedom Directions.”

“Freedom directions” is first applied to constructive rest to empower the body to release tension.  For example, we can tell ourselves during the lie-down messages, such as “My neck is free..my head is free to move forward and up…”

Countering the Force of Habit…

When we come self-aware of a habit we have, we have two choices.  We are free to

1. Keep doing the habit.

2. Change the Habit

How this relates to our faith…

God has designed us with free will.  That means we can:

1. Choose to keep trying to live up to the world’s standards, no matter how confusing, unrealistic, or stressful it seems.

2. Accept God’s grace, realizing that He loves us no matter who we are.  We don’t question the infinite value we have in His eye as God’s sons and daughters/

Have you ever gone to bed and thought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could be free to believe that whatever we did that day, we are enough :)?

You deserve that good night of rest

You deserve that good night of rest.

Well….you can knowing that Jesus died for you before you were even formed in the womb because God felt you had value.

Practice telling yourself that you are enough and see how it changes your whole viewpoint.  It may not be natural, but very refreshing.

Come check out this sermon from the Vineyard Church in Columbus about being enough.

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