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Rest in God's Grace!

Rest in God’s Grace!


At times, it is hard for me to physically and emotionally feel God’s grace amidst the harsh distractions of the human world.  Even though I know that God loves me unconditionally and died for my sins and imperfections, sometimes I do not physically feel the grace and peace that stems from that realization.

In Alexander Technique, there is a philosophy of non-doing.  Non-doing is a great way to improve self-awareness (if you remember, this is the first component of emotional intelligence) through unlearning our tendency to go straight to our habits.

Significant because….

It is very counter-cultural in a society that continuously tells us what we need to do in our lives to be better.  For Christians, non-doing is like Sabbath rest, and as AT practitioners recommend that you  do constructive rest for some time daily, so you should rest in God daily.  I thought…..why not combine the two: spend time with the Lord and realign your spine/body.

Here is a general article on constructive rest <–Click!  You want to put books underneath your head for proper, individualized comfort.

I think this is great to do after quiet study of the Bible.  My instructor, Jennifer Roig-Francoli, talks about having gratitude by letting grace be felt into your body and feeling joy from that leave out of the body.

Things you can think about:

  • Blessings God has given you during the day….week..months…years
  • Your initial conversion…those feelings
  • What He has done for others around you
  • A passage
  • Letting go of worries that distract you from focusing on God.
  • Resting in God’s arms (from one of my mentors)

Hopefully, those at Epiphany Episcopal Church got to learn some of this.  Please share this with other church members.

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