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Founded in the 6th century B.C. in India. One of its primary teachings is the observance of the 10 moral precepts (standards of conduct).

According to Buddha in the Suttapitaka (Buddhist scriptures and sermons): signs of the end will be that the 10 moral courses will disappear… and people will follow the 10 immoral courses instead – “theft, violence, murder, lying, evil speaking, adultery, abusive and idle talk, covetousness, and ill will, wanton greed and perverted lust.” Poverty “will grow great.” Also, “the Dharma (universal law, or truth) will have disappeared from the world… as a counterfeit Dharma arises.”

But when the end comes, a new Buddha by the name of “Maitreya” will arise. This new Buddha will “replace the counterfeit Dharma of materialism and selfishness… and give new teachings to solve the social problems of the world.”


A Persian religion based on the belief that the universe is filled with good and evil spirits. There will be an ultimate battle between these forces, and evil will be eliminated. Signs the End is Near: The Zand-I Vohunan Yasht predicts “(At the) end of thy tenth hundredth winter… the sun is more unseen and more spotted; the year, month and day are shorter, and the earth is more barren; and the crop will not yield the seed; and men… become more deceitful and more given to vile practices; they have no gratitude…. Honorable wealth will all proceed to those of perverted faith… and a dark cloud makes the whole sky night… and (it will rain) more noxious creatures than water.”

When the World ends according to Zoroastrianism, Saoshyant, the Man of Peace, comes to battle forces of evil. “The resurrection of the dead will take place – the dead will rise… the world will be purged by molten metal, in which the righteous will wade as if through warm milk, and the evil will be scalded.”

At the end of the battle, the Final Judgment of all souls begins. Sinners will be punished (apparently for 3 days), then forgiven, and humanity will be made immortal and free from hunger, thirst, poverty, old age, disease, and death. The world “will be made perfect once again.”


“Hindu” is a Western term for the religious beliefs of numerous sects in India dating back to 1500 B.C.. Their goal: “liberation from the cycle of rebirth and suffering.”

Signs the End is Near: The world falls into chaos and degradation; there’s an increase in perversity, greed, conflict. According to Corneilia Dimmit’s translation of the Sanskrit PurAnas: “When deceit, falsehood, lethargy, sleepiness, violence, despondency, grief, delusion, fear and poverty prevail… when men, filled with conceit, consider themselves equal with Brahmins… that is the Kali Yuga (present era).”

When the World Ends: A savior (avatar) will appear. “The Lord will again manifest himself as the Kalki Avatar… He will establish righteousness upon the earth and the minds of the people will become pure as crystal…. As a result, the Sat or Krta Yuga (golden age) will be established.”