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While on one of his expeditions to the Antarctic, Sir Ernest Shackleton found it necessary to leave some of his men on Elephant Island. It was his intention to go back for them, but he was unavoidably delayed and could not return as he had planned. When he finally set out, the water had frozen over, and he was cut off from those he had left behind. Three times he tried to reach them but was blocked by the cold, unyielding sea. In his final attempt, he located a small, narrow channel through the ice. Skillfully guiding the vessel to the island, he was overjoyed and yet somewhat surprised to find his men alive and well. Since all of them had their belongings packed and were ready to get on board, they soon were on their way home. When they were out of the dangerous waters, Shackleton inquired how it was that each man was fully prepared to depart on a moment’s notice. He was told that every morning the leader of the group rolled up his sleeping bag and shouted,

“Get your things, together, boys. The boss may come today.”