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Reuse and republish old contentDid you know that the type most newspapers use for astounding events is called “second coming” type? These are large, heavy, black letters reserved for only the most stupendous, amazing, front page news — such as the return of Jesus Christ. Many will remember seeing this banner headline used to announce the surrenders of Germany and Japan, marking the end of World War II. It also told the news of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the shooting of President Reagan. This bold heading style has proclaimed successful flights into space, presidential election winners, and other dramatic events of universal importance. One day mankind will witness the great event for which the “second coming” type was named for — the return of Jesus Christ. Yes, the Savior will literally come back to this planet He left so long ago.

He will fulfill the promise He gave to His disciples before He ascended to heaven. And when He does, it will command the attention of all earth’s inhabitants. The whole world will know that the Lord Jesus is alive. Truly it will be a “headline event!”