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R.A. Torrey told of preaching on the 2nd coming of Christ on one occasion. As the 2 ½ or 3000 people entered the auditorium, none of them had noticed a cloud in the sky. As he finished his sermon, Dr. Torrey felt carried away by his subject and climaxed saying: “It may be before we arise in the morning, or before we sleep tonight. It may be before we have finished our luncheon today. Indeed it may be that before I finish this sermon we shall hear the sound of the trump and the voice of the archangel announcing ‘He is here!’”

At that moment there was a crash of thunder and a blinding flash of lightning filled the auditorium with white light. In panic, the crowd rushed to the doors. All except Dwight L. Moody’s sister who sat in front. She just threw back her head and laughed. A little later she told Mr. Torrey, “I thought the Lord had come.” That was what everybody else had thought. But their response had been one of terror rather than joy.