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I had a dream last night. In that dream, Cy and I had gone to heaven. As we walked the streets of the heavenly Jerusalem, we saw that the streets were lined with clocks of all kinds – grandfather clocks, wall clocks, wristwatches, etc. And we noticed that each clock was ticking at a different rate (as an illustration – some slow, some fast – tick tock). We were so intrigued that we questioned a passing angel. “Oh,” he said, “those are our way of keeping track of the sins of people on earth. Each clock represents a person, and each of the ticks is the number of times he sins.”

And so, Cy and I began to look at the clocks and saw the names of many people we knew in this church. It did puzzle us however that we couldn’t find Jack’s (Cy’s brother) timepiece. At length, Cy could stand it no longer & asked the angel where Jack’s clock was.

“Oh,” the angel replied, “we keep his in the back room. It gets hot back in there and we use it for a fan.”