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The biggest chink in the armor of the futurists is found in their treatment of Revelation 20:4-6 from which they get their doctrine of a 1000 year reign. From these verses… pre-millennialists insist that the Bible teaches that Jesus will return to earth and reign for a literal 1000 years.

… (But) the verses… do not teach that Jesus will reign on earth for a literal 1000 years… John saw thrones upon which those who had been given authority to judge sat. He saw the souls of those who had lost their lives for Jesus. Those whom John saw had not worshipped the beast or his image. Those who had lost their lives for Jesus came to life and “they” reigned for 1000 years with Christ. The subject of the last phrase of verse 4 is not Christ but “they.” It was “they” who came to life and it was “they” who reigned. These verses do not  speak of the reign of Christ, which is forever and ever (see Daniel 7:13-14), but they speak of the reign of the saints.

… In his book “Prophecy Foretold, Prophecy Fulfilled,” E.R. Harper most aptly offered a parabolic illustration that helps the student understand Revelation 20:4-6. He wrote,

“My father, who lived Conway, Arkansas, who for years was County and Probate Judge of Faulkner County was, at the close of his office as judge, appointed by Governor Homer Adkinson as Assistant Supervisor of the “Arkansas State Corporation Commissioner.” Governor Adkinson appointed my father, W. M. Harper, to this position four months AFTER he became governor of Arkansas. My father died 2 years later.”

Harper went on to point out that he could truthfully and correctly say that his father reigned with Governor Adkinson for two years. His statement would reflect the reign of his father as Commissioner, but it said nothing of the length of the reign of the governor.