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Earliest known prediction by Tichonius 381 A.D.; Then 500 A.D. by Hippolytus (170-236).

Later, predictions surrounded the 1st millennium as follows:

1000 A.D., 1009 A.D., & 1033 A.D. were popular.

1533 A.D. was agreed upon by both Michael Stiefel (1486-1567) a friend of Martin Luther’s and by a group of Anabaptists of the period.

Isaac Newton held to 1715 A.D.

Recent memory has the two most famous dates such as 1844 and 1914, predictions that laid the ground word for the 7th Day Adventists & J.W’s.

Just in this Century alone, predictors have declared the 2nd coming to begin in 1921, ’22, 1953 or 54, 1960, ’62, ’64, ’69, 1975, ’77, ’78, 1983, ’88, and 2000 A.D..

Even the Hasidic Jews have gotten into the act, when Menachem Schneerson, head of a Brooklyn Based sect, declared September 9th, 1991 would be the date of the Messiah’s return. His followers would shout “We want Messiah, Now!”

According to Jewish Tradition, the world is to stand for 6000 years – 2000 of confusion, 2000 with the Law, 2000 with the Messiah. Then, 1000 years of peace. In this tradition, the last 1000 years represents a Sabbath rest, the millennium.

It’s not certain how Schneerson explains the “missing” Messiah who “should have come” 2000 years ago, or why he feels Messiah will come this year. But he surely must be basing his understanding on some count. (This last statement comes from the “Lederer Letter” by Barry Rubin of Jews for Jesus September 1991.)