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Adolf Hitler’s Holocaust against the Jews brutally ended 6,000,000 lives. For comparison, imagine the metropolitan area of Houston being wiped out, with no survivors. Since our Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion in 1973, 55,000,000 have been slaughtered, with really no end in sight. For comparison, imagine every single person in Los Angeles being killed. And San Francisco. And Oakland. And Seattle. And everyone else on our entire west coast (California, Oregon, and Washington), along with the state of Arizona.To sum these statistics up in a word – horrifying.

Things aren’t exactly getting better either. New York governor Andrew Cuomo said last week that pro-life people aren’t welcome in their state.

The division just keeps growing deeper.

While some statistics are showing a positive turn, millions still hold to the belief that “I would never get an abortion, but I could see why some might need to and I can’t take their rights away.” Even a number Christians think that abortion is acceptable in certain situations. Either one of those should cause us to shudder, because both of those belief sets forget the basic point, the reason why anyone is against abortion in the first place: it’s murder. Beyond that, though, we still face the problem of our stance on life in the church.

We’re not pro-life, we’re just anti-death.