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How could a feminist oppose this kind of legislation (the proposal that “gender selection” in abortion should be outlawed)? After all, gender selection is the ultimate in gender discrimination. It’s the killing of a female, and it’s almost always a female in utero. And you would expect there to be huge protests.

Here it is a very small issue. We know it’s a huge issue in India and China where it’s done on a mass scale. The normal ratio is 105 female children to boys. In China and India, it’s 110 to 115 which creates huge social imbalances which are seen as unbelievably unjust and sexist. So,

why would a feminist oppose it?

The reason is because of our odd politics. Because of a Supreme Court ruling that makes it impossible to have a debate about abortion itself. We have to have debates on the periphery, and liberals are going to oppose this because they’re afraid it’s a crack in the door. And if you were to ban this kind of restriction on abortion, there will be other restrictions as well. It’s a weird debate and it puts people in extremely hypocritical positions.