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From the time soon after Jesus left the earth to present times, Christians have disagreed and divided over countless issues concerning theology and Scripture.

Unfortunately, I do not think the issue of disagreement can be resolved in this life, but I do think it’s possible to love each other.

3 Ways to Show Love to People Who Disagree With You

1. Listen to what they say and try to understand where they are coming from.

This, in short, is empathy. Instead of firing back with reasons you think they’re wrong, listen to their entire point of view and look for points of connection.

If this person shares an opinion with you, it’s fair to offer yours, but build your response from the common ground.

2. If you have lost your temper, apologize.

Most of the time, people want to be right and want people to think they’re right. When this doesn’t happen, conversations may turn into yelling matches if they disagree.

Both people should seek reconciliation and apologize for their response. Go back to the first point, mentioned above, and try again.

3. Know when to stand down.

Sometimes, people just want to get a load off their back or release some of their thoughts.

These people are not looking for someone to answer questions, deny or affirm their opinions. They just want to be heard.

If they seem extremely passionate, don’t work up your passionate side. Listen to what they have to say, tell them their thought is interesting to think about, and then talk about something else to cool the conversation down.

If Anything, Go With This

The basis for becoming and remaining a Christian is believing and living this: Jesus is the Son of God. He lived a sinless life on the earth in service to others, then died and rose again for all mankind. He is our only hope for eternal life and is the only one we should worship.

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