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Question: My friend says she favors a liberal abortion policy because it prevents child abuse in some cases. What are your thoughts?

Answer (from Dr. James Dobson): Perhaps one day we’ll hear the argument that murdering your husband or wife should be legalized to prevent spouse abuse. Ridiculous as it is, this is the rationale behind the argument that abortion – killing a baby in the womb – will reduce the chances of that child being abused after birth. Seen in context, it’s simply illogical. The incidence of abused, abandoned, neglected and mistreated children has skyrocketed since the 1970’s, when the radical feminists told us that abortion would make every baby wanted and loved. What it actually did was cheapen life at every stage of development.

While there may be unexpected unplanned pregnancies, there are no unwanted babies. The list of couples wanting to adopt literally runs into the millions.