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Cynthia Collins “As I left the abortion facility, I was told, ‘Everything will be alright. You can go on with your life…’ My life was never the same… immediately went into a deep depression.”

Jackie Ballard “When my doctor told me I could never have children as a result of my abortion, I was devastated. That day I knew I had taken the life of the only child I would ever carry.”

Kay Painter “The nightmares continued, the depression got deeper… There are no words to express the deep dark hole I found myself in, no phrase to describe the depth of my despair.”

Maureen Messersmith “Mother’s Day is hard for me. Hearing a baby cry anywhere causes a sudden, sharp pain in my heart. Having to explain to my living children was a difficult thing to do.”

Julie Thomas “… after being rushed to the emergency room, undergoing more surgery and receiving blood, I was told by a different, very concerned doctor that I was lucky to be alive.”

Tammy Holly “I will always have the memory of a child who could have been and should have been… I contemplated suicide because of ‘my choice’ to buckle under pressure.”

Yolanda Austin “I wish so many times that someone would have told me that the worst decision I would ever make in my life would have such long life-altering consequences.”

Karen Hartman “The pain of my abortion caused me to hate myself… My children suffered as well. My college-age daughter had nightmares after I told her.”

Karen Boodle “I was ashamed to be pregnant and unmarried, so I thought that abortion would solve my problem… I sobbed uncontrollably”

Rebecca Porter, Florida “I tried to commit suicide and overdosed several times because I hated myself for what I had done. “

Missy Smith “I found myself in that dark, black hole again I suddenly remembered those feelings of self-hatred from eight years before.”

Kelly Roy “To my extreme horror there was a fully formed, small baby in my hand. I was devastated at what I saw and realized what exactly I had done.”

Theresa Bonopartis, New York State “From that day forward I began a downward spiral as I suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks and made countless bad choices.”

Luana Stoltenberg, IowaI am still a mother it’s just that my three children are dead… Those abortions changed my life forever… Years later I found out that those three would be the only children I would ever bear. ”

Myra Jean Myers, Texas “… I felt a crushing weight of guilt, grief, and shame. I knew “beyond the shadow of a doubt” I was responsible for the death of my child.”