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A 1998 study by the Guttmacher Institute of 1,900 women seeking abortions found the number one reason these women wanted an abortion. It was either they could not afford a child or felt unready for the responsibility. Forty-two percent of women cited those two reasons. The Guttmacher Institute labeled other reasons as social problems. These concerns included

life changes (16%)

trouble in the relationship with the baby’s father or fear of single parenthood (12%)

or lack of maturity/too young (11%)

An analysis by Catholics for Choice supports that conclusion. They found in study after study in many countries of the world, women who have abortions would have continued the pregnancy if circumstances had been different. They are often poor and feel they can not provide a decent life for the child. Many are concerned that the men in their lives are not prepared to love or commit to women and children.

Pro-Life activists say the single most important factor in the decision women make is the attitude of her partner, the baby’s father. It is sad to see so many human lives destroyed in the name of choice, especially when the choice is in name only.