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Mission Social Media WorkshopThe Elliott institute gathered data from 192 women (3 of whom experienced miscarriages) who had become pregnant through incidents of rape (164) or incest (28).

Of those who had abortions (56):

 44 (88%) regretted the decision and said it was the wrong one.
 19 of the 44 rape victims said they had been pressured by others to abort.
 6 didn’t provide information on their feelings about abortion.
 1 rape victim reported no regrets.
 1 incest victim said abortion was correct for her.

(“Of those who expressed an opinion, over 90% stated they would discourage other sexual assault victims from having an abortion”)

Of those who carried their children to term (133):

 82 women expressed an explicit opinion about abortion: 77 (94%) of them “rejected abortion as a good option for pregnancies resulting from sexual assault”
 All 4 incest victims were happy they carried to term.
 Not one of these women expressed regret over giving birth to their children.

(“Over 80% explicitly expressed happiness that they had chosen to give birth to their child.”)