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Secular media looking at Jesus usually means ‘Let’s find holes we can poke in Christians and what they believe.’

Poking Holes in Christians

It reminds me of why the missionary never wanted to go to the cannibals village for dinner.

“They are always sticking me for drinks.”

Think about it. It’ll come to you.

CNN is going to examine in 6 parts some of they key artifacts connected with Jesus when he was here on the Earth.

Well, at least we have established the fact that Jesus is/was a historical figure. That’s a big start.

Think of it as a series called CSI: Jerusalem.

 The Christian Relics Investigated:

  • the Shroud of Turin,
  • relics venerated as part of the True Cross,
  • the gospel of Judas,
  • relics believed to be of John the Baptist,
  • the burial box of Jesus’ brother James
  • the gospel of Mary Magdalene.

Academics from Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Oxford for historical and theological insights

Father James Martin SJ (the editor of ‘America’ the United States’ national Catholic magazine), the Rev. Paul Raushenbush (executive religion editor of the Huffington Post), and Erwin MacManus, senior pastor of MOSAIC Los Angeles for emotional insights.

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