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Keeping a free neck is crucial to body freedom.

Keeping a free neck is crucial to body freedom.

An Epiphany During the Session….

When I went to my first Alexander Technique lesson, a seven hour 1 day intensive, my instructor, Jennifer Roig-Francoli, asked me what I thought the primary control was.  I told her that personally, I believed the primary control was God, which she affirmed.

Alexander Technique: Primary Control

In Alexander Technique, primary control is used to describe the dynamic relationship between the head, back, and neck that is the precursor of all of our movements. Thus, the neck serves as a crucial link between the head and rest of the body.  If there is any tension in the neck, that can affect everything else, causing possible tension in the shoulders, arms, etc.

If you ever go to an Alexander Technique session and receive hands-on work, you will probably hear the teacher telling you, ” Neck is free.”

The Christ Connection

Similarly, when we do not make the Gospel and Christ’s work as the center of our lives that sets us free, everything else can suffer.  We can develop worry, anxiety, and the other problems that come with living a life that is not ingrained with God.  Some of my best mentors do quiet time in the morning in order to spend time with God first thing because they know that if that does not happen, it discolors their whole day.  They may be more impatient when things do not go their way, or they struggle more with what people will say.  Sometimes all it takes is 5 minutes.

For College Students…

Spending alone time with God is still easy to miss even when you go to a Christian college.  (In fact, some may argue that it is harder because reading Scripture  and preparing worship are required for some of our classes and can be easily viewed as academic work.) Thus, I have provided a list of ways to spend quiet time creatively.

Some Great Tips…

1. Talk to God on runs and walks alone.  Think about going on a praise walk.

2. Pray in a posture you don’t ever use.  (In my case, this would be praying while doing a physical stretch.)

3. Read Scripture on the toilet (if that is what it takes to get it done).

4. If you need a music break, have  a Christian music playlist ready.  Some people do not like typical Christian music, but I love

Altar’d State’s monthly playlist on Spotify.  (Altar’d State is a boutique  clothing chain with a Christian message.)

5. Think of an activity that you tend to go to and “waste time”  and get out your Bible instead.  You might realize that there is probably a reason that you waste time in that way.

6.  If you are about to send a text to encourage someone, focus on finding a piece of Scripture instead and writing a letter.

7. This might sound cheesy, but count your blessings for the day as you are falling asleep.  (It’s better than counting sheep.)

Saint Coptic Orthodox Church has a great quiet time resource. <–Click! I actually just bookmarked it and subscribed to the email.

List some creative ways you spend quiet time below.

Please worship with us at Inbound Church.  You mean a lot to us and God.