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Why is this ministry important? (ministry of helping stop abortions)

Let me share with you the contents of an article that recently came across my desk. The article describes a new more humane” way of ending the Life of a child in the womb. This “humane” procedure is called dilatation and extraction. The abortionist takes forceps and proceeds up through the birth canal until he is able to grab the baby’s leg. He then proceeds to grasp the leg and to pull the infant down through the canal until only the head remains inside the mother.


If the baby were completely removed before killing it then the doctor could be held for murder – according to the world! As the back of the neck is exposed, the abortionist then takes a pair of scissors and makes a hole in the soft area at the base of the skull and then proceeds to create a larger opening by expanding the scissors with his hand. A suction catheter is then inserted into this “relatively painless and more humane” hole and then the baby’s brain is sucked out.

More humane procedure

According to the abortionist that developed this new technique, this is a more humane and less painful way to end life rather than burning to death by a saline solution or by being dismembered. How less painful would it seem to you if I were to stick sharp scissors in the base of your skull and then open them up to create a hole so that I may “more humanely” end your life by sucking out your brain? Imagine the countless number of women and young girls that are being presented this option every day! That’s why the work and ministry of the Pregnancy Care Center is so important!!!