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I. The biological data supports the idea that the unborn child should be viewed as human life

A. 18th week of pregnancy (4 mo. 1 wk.): the point of “viability” at which it is possible for a child to survive a premature birth.

B. 12th week: (3 months) all the child’s organs should be functioning by now and the child can now breath oxygen from the fluid in the womb, swallow, sleep, change positions, respond to pain, suck his thumb, and hiccup

C. 10th week (2 mo. 2 wks.): the child now has a distinctive set of fingerprints

D. 8th week (2 months): child can now swim in the fluid in the womb & can grasp objects

E. 6th week (1mo. 2 wks.): the child now has brain activity

F. 3rd week: child now registers heart activity

G. Conception: the fertilized egg contains all the genetic data the child will ever have

II. The argument that human life status should not be granted in the womb until there is a human appearance and a functioning heart and brain will still not justify most of the abortions practiced today.

A. Heart activity begins as early as the 3rd week, and brain activity as early as the 6th week.

B. Most women do not know they are pregnant until after this stage of development.