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Nearly 2/3’s of hospital-based registered nurses in the United States say they would refuse to work in an OB/GYN unit where abortion procedures are performed, according to results of a poll conducted by RN magazine. In an interview with Reuters Health, RN articles editor Suzanne Wolfe explained that the magazine had last queried its readership about ethical issues in a large survey a decade ago. “The most notable change was the position taken by nurses on abortion,” she said. “Back in 1988, most respondents said they would work on an obstetrics/gynecology unit where abortions were performed. Today 6 out of 10 responded that they wouldn’t work on (such) an OB/GYN unit… The issue of partial birth abortions elicited a strong response from respondents, with nearly 2/3’s of nurses saying that “partial birth abortion should be prohibited by law.”