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Norma McCorvey (the “Jane Roe” of Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade) was baptized not too long ago because of the witness of those who opposed her abortion clinic.

This is the story:

God began working on Norma’s heart through a 7-year old girl named Emily, the daughter of (Operation Rescue) volunteer Ronda Mackey. Quite understandably, Norma had difficulty relating to children. She had given birth to 3, all of whom had been placed for adoption (one of them against Norma’s will. And because she worked in an abortion clinic, Norma was fearful of bonding with anyone so young. “It was part of my denial,” she explains. “When you know what is happening to the children behind closed doors, it’s difficult to become attached to them outside.”

Emily’s blatant affection, frequent hugs, and direct pursuit disarmed Norma. The little girl made it clear that she accepted Norma, but not her lifestyle. Early on, Norma explained to Emily, “I like kids and wouldn’t let anyone hurt little kids,” to which Emily responded, “Then why do you let them kill the babies at the clinic?”

This childlike innocence cut open Norma’s heart. Over time, Emily began to personify the issue of abortion for Norma – especially when Ronda confessed to Norma that Emily had almost been aborted.

Ronda was engaged when Emily was conceived, and nobody was very happy about the pregnancy. Ronda’s future in-laws, her mother, and her fiancé, all pressured her to get an abortion during the first trimester. Ronda admits that she gave abortion serious consideration until memories of a high school friend’s emotional devastation following an abortion strengthened her resolve to let Emily live.

Shortly after Ronda told Norma that story, the 2 went shopping with Ronda’s girls. Norma was stunned when she saw Ronda’s bumper sticker, “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart,” which has a vivid red heart on the side.

Norma saw Emily’s heart in that sticker; it just about destroyed her when she realized that “my law” (as she once fondly referred to Roe v. Wade) made it legal to snuff out young Emily’s life. Norma asked to be taken home immediately.

Norma was forever changed by this experience. For her, abortion was no longer an “abstract right,” because it had a face in a little girl named Emily.