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It’s one thing to go to church every Sunday, listen to the sermon, and then go home afterward.

It’s another thing to actually stick around for a conversation or two.

Instead of settling for this church lifestyle, try these 5 ways to strengthen your church’s community.

5 Ways to Strengthen Community

1. Have a five minute session of talking.

This will allow enough time for people to walk around, meet new people, and catch up with other regular attendees.

Make an announcement of this time right after your worship time, just as Christ the King church does on their Sunday morning.

2. Plan events every month to gather church members and to bring in new people.

Notify church members of these events a couple of months in advance, giving them time to make their schedule work.

Encourage people to invite friends or neighbors to these events.

3. Do community service projects.

This will form and strengthen relationships as people serve alongside each other.

The best thing-you can encourage people of all ages to participate!

Asking friends and neighbors to join your church members is a great idea for this as well.

4. Provide places for church members to serve on Sunday mornings.

Whether you need volunteers in the nursery, worship band, or connections table, church members will grow together through service.

5. Start Life Groups.

The best way for church members to experience fellowship and bonding is through focused groups.

When people interact with the same people in a life group every week, they get to know each other deeply and have the potential to form lasting relationships.

Each of these ideas will push your church to become better acquainted with each other, leading to growth in the Body of Christ.

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