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Several years ago when I was early on in high school, house churches were on the rise. Or at least, the term “House Church” was popular.

Many people thought that they were detrimental to the church as a whole because they seemingly drew people away from the main church.

Unfortunately, people with the cynical view misjudged the word “church” instead of looking deeper.

House churches are great for the purposes of the church for 5 reasons.

5 Reasons House Churches are Helpful

1. House churches are welcoming. 

Instead of visitors walking into a large building with a hundred or so people, they are welcomed into a comfortable home with 15 to 20 people.

House churches create a warm environment where people can relax and enjoy learning.

2. House churches strengthen the church community.

Since house churches generally involve a small group of people, they will develop stronger relationships because of familiarity with attendees.

3. House churches don’t actually take away from large churches.

Most of the time, house churches are started by a group of acquaintances or friends who attend a large church.

It resembles a life group or Bible study as a small group of people learn about and discuss Scripture.

If anything, it adds to the large church.

4. House churches make it easy to extend invitations to neighbors. 

People who host house churches in their homes have the advantage of being able to invite someone to walk a door or two over for church.

Instead of asking them to drive 15 or 20 minutes away, all they have to do is walk right over!

5.  House churches set great examples for children. 

If house church hosts have children, odds are the kids observe their parents getting together with other adults to learn about Jesus.

Establishing House Churches

It’s not as difficult as it seems…

I would argue that Bible studies and life groups are house churches, so long as attendees are consistent.

Leaders and pastors of churches should emphasize the phrase “House Church” and encourage people to form more groups that meet each week.

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