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There are several different ministries within a church that require the use of the church building.

In order to make sure each ministry gets a fair use out of the building, the events you plan must be evenly divided, unless one of your church members hosts an event on their property.

Plan activities that involve a couple ministries at once.

Tips on How to Organize Events

1. Sit down with your event planning committee and ask one person from each ministry to be a representative.

It’s important to have each ministry represented for calendar coordination and note taking purposes.

While all of you are there, think of a few events that could include a few ministries, like a harvest party or community service day.

2. Break from the large meeting and have smaller meetings for each ministry.

Knowing the availability of the building from the large meeting, individual ministries can plan events and dates.

During this time, meet with other ministries who will share an event with you for discussing the details.

3. Heads of each ministry should delegate tasks to others in that ministry.

Different people will have to find volunteers, advertise, decorate the space, and so on. One person cannot do all of those things.

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Once the dates are established, submit them to the person in charge of the church website so that they can  add them to the event calendar.

This is only the overview of the event planning process. For more tips, please read the upcoming Part 2 for activity ideas!

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