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Prayer is quite a common thing for people who regularly attend church or for people who grew up in Christian homes.

It’s more than just a common thing, though.

Prayer is how we communicate with God about feelings, requests, hopes–pretty much anything.

When you take prayer into the church community, it unifies the group on the church’s mission.

How Do You Weave Prayer into a Community Setting?

1. Have a leader mention a prayer need, and then they can invite the group to pray together aloud.

BLOC Ministries, an urban mission organization in Cincinnati, Ohio, has weekly meetings each morning with 5-7 minutes of prayer time. In this prayer time, the leader mentions a prayer need, then asks everyone to spend 20 seconds praying for that need aloud.

2. During the Sunday morning service, designate a 5 minute prayer time.

Ask people to pray in groups of 3 to 5 about the church, people in the community, and for hearts to open to Jesus.

This time could also be spent in prayer for a church member with an illness or for missionaries the church supports.

3. Encourage Life Groups to have extended prayer time when they meet.

Ask the leaders of the group to spend time asking members of their group for prayer requests.

The group should take an additional 10 minutes praying for each request either individually or praying aloud at the same time.

4. Get the kids in the Children’s Ministry into prayer.

Include prayer in your church’s Sunday School curriculum every Sunday.

Ask your teachers to have prayer requests for the church written down and to have a brief time where the kids share their requests.

Teachers can pray for the group or they can ask a student to pray.


It doesn’t require too much change in the flow of your church meetings; just find a five minute window of time for the congregation to pray together.

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