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In the last article covering this topic, I provided a quick overview of a church’s event planning process.

Now, I would like to offer some ideas of potential events you could have for your church!

Most of the following ideas are events that could include two or more church ministries, but all are easy to do and fun for everyone.

15 Activities Your Church Could Do

1. Harvest Party-October.

The young and old would enjoy this one!

2. Ice Cream Social-Summer.

Families would be your target market for this event. Both kids and adults would have a great time.

3. ShareFest community service-Summer.

Check out the ShareFest link. It’s a great way for church members of all ages to meet and serve people in the community.

4. Family game night-anytime.

This is an event you could plan a few times a year.

5. Family movie night-anytime.

Again, you could plan for this event a few times a year.

6. Youth group Bible studies-weekly.

Students in the youth group will enjoy meeting with a youth group leader once a week to go through a book or theme in the Bible.

Plus, you can have several of these going, especially if some can be held in student’s houses.

7. Youth group party night-monthly.

There should always be a night per month where all the students can get together outside of the Sunday morning meeting.

8. Youth group scavenger hunt-yearly.

This isn’t an event you want to do every month, but it can be counted as a special monthly event among others.

9. Elderly folks’ ministry luncheon- bi-monthly.

Having a calm, quiet event like this one will help the older members of the church to feel connected.

10. Life groups or home churches-weekly or bi-weekly.

These are a great way for young to middle-aged adults to get to know each other.

11. Youth group Dinner Theater-yearly.

This not only gets the students together, but it allows them to share their talents with others.

12. Family Zoo Day-yearly.

This events involves parents and their kids in a fun learning experience.

13. Wednesday Night Worship-monthly.

This gets everyone into the sanctuary for a service similar to Sunday morning.

14. Raising support for a missionary in the Children’s Ministry-over a three month period.

The church my mother works for did this recently–just make an announcement each week to remind kids and parent to bring some change!

15. Youth group obstacle night-yearly.

Set up obstacle courses around the youth room or outside the church for students to compete in a friendly way.

It’s Time to Get Started!

I hope these ideas can get you started on your church’s event planning!

Of course, you could always come up with several more events based on these ideas.

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