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It’s one of those days…

This is my cat's online doppelganger.  Will you just look at that face?

This is my cat’s online doppelganger. Will you just look at that face?

I wanted to step aside from all the philosophical and theological content that I have been discussing to discuss something….a little more light-hearted.  We will still make this somewhat related to God.  (My feline paw in question that happens to be just as plump as the one pictured above was a favorite morning quiet time partner of mine.  I would often snuggle him while praying in supine position every morning.)


I know some of you readers may not like cats and understand why other people like cats (there are days when I wonder why I pay attention so much to my cat and become a cat-pleaser, which is probably worse than people-pleasing), but I just wanted to talk about some creatures that are an important part of our wellness regimes despite the fact that the feline type could have better personalities.

Pet therapy has actually been a pretty effective study break tool for college students especially around finals time.  Check out Faithful Paws Pet Therapy in Houston, Texas for an exciting ministry.

So the tough question for some people who really like their pets become: Do pets go to heaven?

According to my previous theology professor, we do not know exactly if pets go to heaven.  I did some research and realized that he is right since God has never stated that he would give pets eternal life.  My personal perspective is that we should appreciate pets in this life when we can, but at the end of the day, we must realize that eternity will be better than anything beyond our limited brain can imagine.

For me, the question of whether or not pets go to heaven is similar to the question of whether or not we will recognize our loved ones, or spouses in heaven.  I think we should look forward to not being as psychology drawn to a person or pet that it can become idolatry because we will fully be with God completely.

This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be excited about the prospective of seeing our loved ones in heaven, particularly those who have passed on.  

However, we should seek comfort in the trust that whatever He has planned will be anything contrary to the loss and devastation that occurs when we lose people in this world.

To conclude, I want to leave you with….in no particular order

 Ten Cute Things I Have Seen…Animal Wise

  1. A plush duck in a frog suit at a bank
  2. Dear Kitten videos on YouTube
  3. Hop (The Movie)
  4. Orphaned kangaroo and wombat snuggling
  5. Cat adopting a squirrel (Yes, there are sometimes nice cats)
  6. Grumpy Cat’s brother, Pookey (He is the underrated one.)
  7. West Highland Terrier swimming.
  8. Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Dog
  9. My cat hiding behind the curtain.
  10. Teacup pigs with various props (guitar, shopping cart,…you name it.)

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