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There are several different groups within the church that make up the entire community, but churches tend to leave the community-building focus with the adults and teenagers.

The Children’s Ministry is usually thought of as Children’s Church or Sunday school-and that’s it!

I wonder how children will learn the importance of developing community if there are no events in their ministry to promote it.

Furthermore, the parents, too, feel like they don’t have access to community groups because they have to take care of their children.

I propose that churches make more events that give children a place to meet other children while, at the same time, parents have opportunities to connect with each other.


So, How Many Events Do We Need?

My mother happens to be the Preschool and Elementary Coordinator at Faith Church in Milford, Ohio, so she’s agreed to be my correspondent for answering this question.

“Well, planning an event for any group takes time,” she explained. “My co-workers and I have to make sure our future events aren’t planned on days when other events are planned.”

The workers in the Children’s Ministry have to make sure they can facilitate all the families for their events in the church building.

“Other than that, we have to get the word out at least two months before the day of the event.” She said that the only way to ensure attendance to these events is by allowing volunteers and families time to plan them into their busy schedules.

After informing me of those obstacles, she recommended no more than one event every two months, unless the church has the staff to plan more events.

Start With This

As Faith Church’s Children’s Ministry did, plan an event where the parents can drop off their kids at the church to do various activities with each other.

At the same time, parents can get together elsewhere for their own time to build relationships.

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