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Yep....great dining hall magic.

Yep….great dining hall magic.

1.  Substitute the bun in a philly cheesesteak sandwich with a salad.  The juices from the philly cheesesteak makes an awesome dressing.

2. The dining hall staff made yellow curry with some dehydrated beef and also some lemon tilapia.  I took the sauce from the curry and put it on the fish and was almost convinced that it was gourmet Indian.

3. Sometimes, the meat at the salad bar is the only meat I can eat without a fried covering or sugar/starchy sauce.  I decided to take some garlic pepper seasoning and add it to the salad bar chicken.  It was really yummy, and garlic has antibacterial/antifungal properties.

4. Coconut oil is also an antibacterial agent and helps promote digestion.  I have a can from Trader Joe’s and like to add it to soups in order to boost nutritional value. You can heat some up and use as a dressing as well.  It does have  a large amount of fat, so consume in moderation.  It is also easier to digest as a liquid (personal experience).

5. You can do the above with Apple Cider Vinegar as well, which has similar antibacterial properties to coconut oil.

6.  Unbreaded the deep fried coconut shrimp and put it on a yellow curry quinoa and edamame dish. Bonus….the shrimp was probably first cooked in coconut oil.

7. Cinnamon also promotes great digestion and kills bacteria.  Mix it with some Greek yogurt for a double whammy.

8. Add sliced almonds  from the ice-cream bar to a piece of chicken or salad.  Garnish with hamburger onions from the salad bar, cut up.

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