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From the moment you could identify your mother and father as a baby, you were making friends. Sure, conversation in English wasn’t a thing, but you communicated and responded to communication in your own way.

You decided who to trust, who you felt uncomfortable around, and who you wanted to spend the most time with.

Now as one who continually meets new people and sees others more frequently, you have to do the same things: decide who to trust, decide who you feel comfortable around, and decide who you want to spend time with.

In order to make those decisions, you have to assess whether or not you want these people to be your life long friends.


4 Qualities a Friend of Yours Should Have

1. The first, and perhaps most important, quality you should look for is loyalty.

If the friend you have in mind keeps promises and looks out for you, they’re probably a keeper.

2. The next thing, make sure they get your sense of humor and you get theirs.

If senses of humors do not connect, then the friendship will probably dwindle unless both of you work to keep it alive.

3.The third quality you should pay attention to is your friend’s level of responsibility.

If this person cares about something and has a work ethic along with that, you’ll be clear on this one!

4. The fourth quality to look for is aligning values or having a healthy “agree-to-disagree” state of interacting.

Whether you can grow in agreement or respectfully learn from each other, either makes for a great friendship.

One Last Thing

Since everyone is different, these qualities will present themselves in different ways from person to person. Once a relationship deepens, you will notice the differences in love languages, too.

Above all else, choose friends who will encourage you and build you up.

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