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For most people, the first thing they notice when visiting a new church is the people.

Visitors will wait, hope, and expect for regular attendees and church members to introduce themselves and to show them the ropes.

Oftentimes, regular attendees and church members unknowingly pass by visitors and carry on with normal Sunday morning activities.

If you and your church body want to see those people again, here are three steps you can follow to welcome your visitors every time.


3 Ways You Can Welcome Visitors

1. Set up a welcome table with two or three volunteers standing by it before and after the church services.

As Faith Church in Milford, Ohio does with their Connections Central table, provide baked goods, handouts, and friendly folks waiting for newcomers to stop by.

2. Have one of the welcome table volunteers sit with the visitors or have the volunteer show them to seats next to regular attendees.

Sitting with the visitors will give them opportunities to ask questions and make connections.

3. Ask visitors for their contact information and keep in touch with them.

After the volunteer has established a connection with the visitors, asking for their contact information will show them that their presence at church was enjoyed. The important thing with this, though, is to actually follow up with them.

Assemble a Team and Form a Plan

With these tips in mind, sit down with your church leaders and discuss the means of making this Greeting Table work.

Ask your leaders to seek out volunteers who would sincerely make a difference in the day of visitors.

Seek out volunteers who would be willing to put together welcome baskets full of treats, baked goods, and informational handouts.

Ask a few families per service if they would be willing to sit with visitors if they come for worship.

Perform a Trial Run

Run with your plan for three months and then meet with your leaders to assess the outcome.

If it’s effective, keep going with it. If it’s not effective, figure out why and change your plan.

Ultimately, the goal is to be like Jesus and point people to him.

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