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Grow the Church

Jesus knew how things would turn out for the church.

The rest of us have to do market research, use trial and error, or just wait to see how things play out.

Not Jesus. Jesus had a plan for the church and he knew what the results would be.

3 Questions

  1. How did he know that?
  2. What does Jesus have that we don’t?
  3. How can we get it, too?

Grow a Church

Listen to this talk by Bill Belew on How Jesus Knew That His Plan for the Church Would Succeed weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays at noon  (PST).

You will be able to interact with others who are listening as well while worshiping with the Inbound Church. <= Click to join in.

No need to wait for Bill either. There is a new sermon starting every hour.

Grow a Church