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For the most part, it’s pretty difficult to get kids to willingly work.

Sure, you will have a greater chance with the younger kids, but as they get older, it requires a push to motivate them to do service projects.

From past experience, I hardly wanted to help when I was made to do it, but was more willing when I understood the need and made the decision.

If you have run into the same problem with the kids in your church, here are three ideas that will get them motivated.

3 Ideas for Motivating Kids to Serve

1. Have a youth group or Sunday School series on how Jesus served.

If the kids and students care about Jesus or are learning to care about him, they will want to serve like he did.

When kids decide to follow Jesus, their lives transform, just like adults’ do.

This gives them the opportunity to become more like Jesus.

2. Plan a service project with an event afterward.

My youth group did this often at Faith Church. In order to attend the event, you had to participate in the service project.

Sure, some of my motivation for going was for the event afterward, but I honestly enjoyed doing things for people.

3. Vary the type of service project.

Some people may be more attracted to certain service projects. Changing it up each time will keep the kids interested.

Maintaining a Long-Term Effect

The most important part of this is reminding kids, after every service project, of why they are serving.

The community part of it is fun, but the main point is to be Jesus for people and to obey his commission for us to serve.

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