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When I was a freshman in high school, I had to switch school districts. I loved my new living situation, but my school situation made things rough.

Because I failed to connect with anyone that year, I felt alone and neglected-I even believed the lie that my own family neglected me.

Youth group made me feel a little better since I had known those kids for a while, but I thought that none of them would want to ask me to hang out at a different time.

It wasn’t until the second part of 10th grade that I began to make friends, which increased my confidence in group settings and motivated me to participate more.

The Three Things You May Feel in Isolation

1. You may feel unimportant.

2. You may feel socially rejected.

3. You may feel like you’re the only person feeling this way.

The Three Lies that Accompany Those Three Things

1. You have no value.

2. The way you are makes it impossible for people to connect with you.

3.You are alone in this. 

Here’s the Truth

1. You have value because God made you for an immeasurable purpose.

2. Never give up on your individuality because God made no two people the same.

3. Because everyone is different, many people feel inadequate as you do. You’re not alone.

The Enemy Uses Your Individuality Against You

The enemy wants you to think you’re alone and to think you are beyond hope. He wants you to doubt God’s purpose to use you.

Don’t fall into the enemy’s trap! Remember that you are valuable because God created you and because Jesus died for you.

He also created you with a purpose. God designed the Body of Christ in such a way that all parts are needed.

That includes you!

If you’re feeling like there’s no place for you, ask God to show you his place for you, and then do something adventurous!

Pray that God will go before you and then take a walk into something new.