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Love as Christ Loved the Church

Love as Christ Loved the Church

What is the purpose of marriage?

4 Wrong Answers to the Purpose of Marriage

1. To be happy

2. To not be lonely

3. To have sex

4. To have babies

All of these answers surely can be by-products of a Godly marriage, but they are NOT the purpose of marriage. If these are the reasons why you have or want to get married, you will be extremely dissatisfied and unhappy.

4 Reasons for the Purpose of Marriage

1. To help conform each other to the image of Christ

2. To be holy

3. To worship God

4. To glorify God

God gives us this ultimate picture of a marriage in Ephesians 5:22-33.

Marriage is two wholes becoming one before God. Within the above passage, God portrays a picture of the way he intended marriage for everyone, a Godly marriage.

The Husband’s Role

In order to best understand the verses, I like to start by looking at verse 25. It tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church. This is no simple task. Jesus came to Earth solely to die a painful death, so the church (anyone who believes in God as their Savior) will have eternal life in heaven.

Jesus desires for husbands to love their wife so much they would be willing to die for them. He goes on to say, in verse 28, love your wife as you love yourself. No human has ever hated themselves for we take care of our bodies and are always looking out for our own well-being. Therefore, love your wife with such sincerity and heart.

The Wife’s Role

Back to verse 25, wives submit to your husbands as you do the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the Church. This describes the beauty of God’s leadership over the Church. Wives should respect their husbands and trust them to lead them.

However, this does NOT mean husbands can be overpowering or abusive or whatever they say goes. Instead, since they love their wives so much they want to make the best decisions for them. They love them just as themselves and put their needs before their own.

Both of Their Roles

Lastly, in verses 25-27, it talks about helping make one another holy through God’s word and seeing each other without stain or blemish. Just as God wiped away the Church’s every stain and blemish by forgiving our sins. Now when Christ looks at us he sees a clean slate that is without sin.

The Symbolism of Marriage

Symbol of Christ's Love

Symbol of Christ’s Love

How beautiful is this? God specifically and uniquely designed marriage. It was a gift from God. This gift does provide us with a life-long companion, lover, friend, which brings us great happiness. But, overall it is the perfect depiction/symbol of Christ and the love he has for the Church.

The way you treat your wife/husband can be a form of worship to God. It brings Him great glory. Most likely, people will see this thriving, loving, and respectful marriage, and ask what is the trick? It is at that moment a huge opportunity arises to share the gospel (the great news of Jesus Christ and his love for us).

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