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About a year ago, I did a graphic design portfolio for Michael Taylor based on his vision for a lower cost whole foods wholesale program called Real Food Community.  One of the ideas for his vision was to host Little David Dinners on a monthly basis.  This would be a raw food potluck dinner where we can enjoy building community together and talk about biblical basis for living.

Please keep in mind that this is not a group that promotes the Daniel diet as meat is still introduced in some foods.  In fact, the meat is usually raw with a delicious marinade. (This seems intimidating at first, but I tried raw turkey meat with a marinade and just tasted the marinade, which was great.)

This is something for the future.

This is something for the future.

Ministry Opportunities

Mission and Vision: For Michael Taylor, who helps many people in the local Cincinnati area access products with high nutritional products  (including raw milk/cheeses as well as some meats) not available even at stores such as Whole Foods, selling the lifestyle is more important than selling the food.

We hope that using a very basic need, the need to be healthy from the foods and lifestyles we live, we can draw people to be more curious to the Gospel message.

In fact the brokenness found in the modern Western lifestyle and the way food is produced to sustain profit is reminiscent of the various ways that humans have deviated from the way Adam, Eve, and the rest of  human kind were created to live.

Our ultimate mission is to expand this program into a more affordable program by generating enough interest from people who are willing to fund the initial start-up.  This will also help us create more jobs, particularly for the homeless, in the local community.

Target: We believe that this vision is very unique because it attracts demographics that may be traditionally opposed to the Bible and the Christian lifestyle.

While Michael is based in the Cincinnati area, he has contacts all over the country and would love to network with people from other states to discuss ideas for Scriptural discussion and food implementation programs.

Here is a list of raw food communities, including some religious ones.

At this point in time, I would definitely like to invite prayers to this vision.  Michael has impacted so many different lives in the local area through his expertise on naturopathic topics.

He has also done extensive ministry work through building relationships with international Chinese students, teaching people how to drive, driving people to various events, etc.  This is definitely an idea he has worked on for the last few years.  At this point, we do not know exactly where God is leading this, but we are hopeful that something will be started soon.  I will also be praying about finding opportunities for the vision of creating this to grow.

We welcome you to discuss how food and religion can collide more at the Inbound Church.