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1) The earliest age at which precocious genius surfaces. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is playing the harpsichord and memorizes passages by listening to them once.

2) Frederic Chopin composes “Polonaise” in G Minor.

3) Thomas Edison sets up a laboratory in father’s basement.

4) Chicagoan Bobby Fischer becomes youngest ever International Grand Master of chess.

5) Jane Austen begins her first “Pride and Prejudice”.

6) Helen Keller publishes her autobiography.

7) Henry Ford introduces “moving assembly line” leading to 1st mass production of inexpensive automobiles.

8) Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female prime minister.

9) Winston Churchill becomes British prime minister for the first time.

10) Ed Delano of California bicycles 3100 miles in 33 1/2 days.

11) Benjamin Franklin makes possible adoption of U.S. Constitution by skillful mediation among disagreeing convention delegates.

12) Cellist Pablo Casals is still giving concerts, 8 years before his death at 96.

13) George C. Selbach scores a 110-yard hole in one at Indian River, Michigan.