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Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Generally speaking, people expect to get what they came for.  No more. And certainly not less.

After all, no one has ever said, “over promise and under deliver.” Or have they?

Not Good Business

Seldom is it the norm for a provider to give more than what was asked for. That’s not good business. Or is it? Too often, it’s you get what you pay for.

Jesus was the Master

Jesus was known for wowing his audiences. He was the master at:

  • generating word-of-mouth campaigns
  • going viral
  • creating the inbound sensation

to use good marketing speak.

Over Promise and Over Deliver

Jesus over promised and far over delivered.

Jesus added the wow factor to his ministry, to his service, to his teaching opportunities.

For the Christian to become more like Jesus, s/he will want to add the wow factor to his/her life and service of those around him.

Be more like Jesus.

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