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How Career Prep Led Me to This Exercise…

I am currently aspiring to be a possible consultant and have been reading articles about the consulting industry on a daily basis.  I was very fortunate to have found an article written by former McKinsey consultant Victor Cheng about how people mistakenly equate success with happiness, when it has to  do with changing your reference point.

The original exercise, which was originally 50 things you are grateful for, was to be done in less than 3 minutes because you are more likely to write down things that you are actually grateful for if it is timed, instead of things you feel you should be grateful for.  In addition, having a time constraint makes you notice the little things as well.

In addition, this is one of the things that I am encouraged to do for journaling during my AT class.  I love killing two birds with one stone (does mental jiggly dance).  Some of these things might seem similar, but I promise they are at least remotely different in certain aspects.

1. People bringing me tea and coffee when I’m working.

Count the smilies in your life.

Count the smilies in your life.

2. My scholarships

3. Not being homeless

4. Encouraging friends who are great listeners

5. Warm coat

6. Shoes

7. Grapefruit (It’s beside me while I’m typing this.)

8. A Phone

9. The Bible

10. God’s grace and unconditional love

11. Patient classmates

12. Being able to have fun with these postings by using it as an opportunity to focus on things I tend to neglect during the school year.

13. Teachers who go out of their way to lend an ear and give advice

14. People who love me unconditionally

15. My cat when he likes to snuggle

16.  Dark chocolate (on occasion)

17. Coconut oil

18. Friends who understand natural health so I can take less medication.

19. Mentors who keep me accountable.

20. Chapel services

21. Having a piano close by.

22. Teachers that respond to your emails (never take that for granted)

23. Garlic

24. Fresher salads at the dining hall

25. Google

26. Gmail

27. Networking opportunities

28. Voice lessons: I like voice lessons because they are one of the few courses I take that doesn’t compress my spine.  Voice lessons have helped with posture.

29. Living on campus so I can take a quick nap when I want to.

30. My coworkers who always make the office relaxed and sometimes festive

31. My email devotional: keeps me on track

32. YouTube physical therapy videos

33. Quirky personalities in the music department that encourage me to be quirky, even in a different manner

34. Enjoying writing most of the time (which is good to appreciate at Bible College)

35. Not being graduated: I know this is usually not the norm, but I enjoy having more time to figure things out.

36. Small class sizes

37. Having two jobs when some have none.

38. Awesome piano students who love to learn.

39. Healthy relationships that energize me.

40. Health insurance

41. Bible study people who are so amazingly different from me.

42. My Job study class (so I can make more sense of my past)

43. Colored markers for note taking (I am more engaged when they are different colors.)

44. Having less pain when typing even when compared to a month ago.

45. Having a diverse set of friends.

46. Being able to use my skills to help others and have them appreciate it.

47. Random hugs from my students and the kids I minister to.

48. Having no classes Thursday morning so I can spend more time with spiritual activities.

49. Alexander Technique

50. Maximized Living Spinal Sleep Aids

51. Free study resources online

52. Trainer on campus

53. Black tea

54. Worship music on Spotify from clothing store Altar’d State

55. Headbands

56. Nail clippers

57. Diluted coffee

58. Clean water

59. Heaters

60. Pinterest

61. Lanyard to keep organized

62. To-go food containers

63. Accountants who are willing to help with your homework

64. Friendly campus staff

65. Less snow than projected this year

66. Miracle Balls

67.  Internet (Even if it crashes sometimes)

68. A roommate that doesn’t mind that I come in at odd hours of night after doing homework

69. Kefir with fruit (more tart than yogurt)

70. Greek yogurt

71. Prayer team on campus who pray for you constantly on top of everything else they have to do.

72. Korean food

73. Steak salads at school

74. Having the financial means to tithe significantly to charity and support friends’ mission trips.

75. Pandora

76. Constructive rest–> evolved into constructive power nap

77. Being able to walk

78. Later curfew and coffee shop hours (to finish all this homework)

79. Edge Mentoring

80. Asian dramas (for those days when you are so tired and need to veg out)

81. Brene Brown’s research

82. Contacts all across the world

83. Banana peppers

84. Salmon

85. Chinese New Year coming up

86. People who laugh at my jokes.

87. People who let me rant to them late at night.

88. London fog drinks

89. Great grammar teachers in eighth grade

90. People who read my writing.

91. Chipotle salad bowls

92. Cat videos

93. Better stress management

94. Random conversations everyday

95. Trees

96. Coupons

97. Smoked Salmon (especially from Costco)

98. Trader Joe’s cookies

99. Awesome supervisors

100. Dawn detergent for chiffon clothing stains.

Here is a church that advocates gratitude lists as well.

Feel free to make gratitude lists below in the comments.  Try as much as you can.

We can thank God together in this Inbound church <–Click!