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Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Depending on which side of the Calvinist, Armenian argument you land, Jesus sometimes has his hands tied.

Jesus Does Not Always Succeed

  • Jesus does not grab people by the heart and manipulate that heart to get his desired results.
  • Jesus does not always get his way with us. Nor does he have his way with us.

We Need to Come to Jesus

We need to come to him. We need to make ourselves available to him to work in our lives.

We need to offer up ourselves in order for him to work in our lives.

For Jesus to ‘do his thing’ in our lives, we need to come to him with a free will and open mind.

Jesus Will Work in Our Lives

What are the steps we must take to come to Jesus so that he can begin to work in our lives?

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