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Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Jesus never cowered away from an opportunity to interact with people.

Jesus interacted with all sorts of people.

Jesus Will Take Time for Anyone

Who would have thought that Jesus would pause long enough to talk to a streaker!?

Yet, he did.

  1. Blind. Check.
  2. Lame. Check.
  3. Sick. Check.
  4. Drunkards. Check.
  5. Harlots. Check.
  6. Streaker. Check.

We often remember what people were like before they come to Jesus.

6 Self-Check Questions

What’s more important to remember is how people’s lives are changed AFTER they encounter Jesus.

What was the streaker like before he came to Jesus? What brought him to Jesus?

What happened to him AFTER he met Jesus?

What did Jesus NOT let him do?

How did this man’s life play out after he was NOT allowed to follow with Jesus immediately?

What plans did Jesus have for his life instead?

Lots of questions.


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