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Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Bill Belew Preaching on Jesus

Jesus couldn’t do everything.

Jesus Had Limitations

  • Jesus was smart.
  • Jesus was balanced.
  • Jesus worked hard.
  • Jesus got tired.
  • Jesus tried to get away from the crowds.

Sometimes he succeeded. Sometimes he failed.

Think about that last sentence.

Sometimes Jesus Failed

Sometimes Jesus failed. Sometimes Jesus did NOT get the results he desired.

Sometimes things did not work out the way Jesus planned them.

Jesus Was Perfect, but …

Jesus was perfect. But that does not mean that everything he wanted to do played out perfectly.

He may have been the perfect teacher. But he did not get perfect results from his students.

He may have had a perfect plan in mind. But that does not mean his disciples followed his directions perfectly.

Jesus may have had the perfect response to all challenges. But that doesn’t mean his listeners responded perfectly to all his challenges.

Jesus may have intended to take a break every now and then. But that doesn’t always mean the crowds left him alone.

You may have perfect intentions. As in, “I just want to spend time with Jesus.” Let me know how that works out for you.

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