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Michael Taylor recently recommended that I consume Great Lakes unflavored gelatin powder  from grass-fed beef to heal my digestive tract.  Gelatin is a great substitute for bone broth, especially as part of the GAPS diet.  Since I live in the dorms and don’t really have access to a kitchen or time to make bone broth, the gelatin substitute is actually a great idea.

I just started trying this dietary supplement this week, so it will probably be a while before I start to see actual benefits.

So What Are the Benefits :)?

1. Rebuilds joints and bones: There is a Chinese saying that what you eat heals what part of the body it is.  So, I am definitely looking forward to this hoping to rebuild the main structures that my tendons and ligaments attach to.

2. Helps with digestion: Seals a leaky gut by repairing the mucosal lining, binding with acid to prevent ulcers, and helps the stomach break down proteins and fats for better absorption.

3. Builds lean muscle: So if you start to workout, this is a great thing to add to your diet.

4. Sleep and Memory Enhancement: Glycine, one of the 18 amino acids found in this product, is an important neurotransmitter and helps reduces inflammation

5. Reduces cellulite and wrinkles.  It might take me a while to prove this one.


First Experiment with Tea

This is a supplement that can be put into soups, teas, and even juices.  According to the instructions on the package.  You need to mix and stir the gelatin powder into cold water.  Then, you add to a warm drink.  

Since I tend to take shortcuts with this kind of stuff.  I just added the powder to a nice hot cup of black tea.   While this powder is not suppose to have a huge taste, dissolving the powder in the hot tea directly was not a great idea flavor wise because somehow, the black tea brings out the “beef hide” flavor in the powder.  (You get to smell and kind of taste it, which makes you feel uncomfortable at first and a little bit socially self-conscious.) Also, never swallow it by itself if you want it stuck to the roof of your mouth.

What I Recommend (Easy Quick Version):

1. Get a tablespoon and feel the spoon up mostly with gelatin powder.

2. Add a little bit of cold water to the spoon and wolf it down quickly.

You should have 2-3 tablespoons of this gelatin powder a day.  At least take one during the morning and again during dinner. Taking it before meals also helps you eat less during meals if you would like.

Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin can be bought online

Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin can be bought online on Amazon.com or through local supplier.

Other Possibilities

If you have a little bit more time than the average college student, than there are plenty of creative recipes for you to experiment with using the gelatin powder.  These include homemade marshmallows, jello, and other desserts that are listed here on Feastie.com.

Can you believe these gelatin chews are gut healing?

Can you believe these coffee almond milk gelatin chews are a great gut healing way to start breakfast?


Most Importantly, Is It Biblical?

It is labeled Kosher, which confirms it meets Old Testament standards :).

Click here to read an article about Kosher food laws.

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